Artisan Handmade Candies and Treats!

Thank you for shopping at Sugar Bakers Bakery shop on Etsy.
I have added after school snacks, cakes, candies, wedding favors, corporate favors, lollipops of all kinds from sparkle pops to lollipops with edible flowers embedded in the hard candy to my Etsy shop to keep all of your family members happy.

All of these are in addition to all of my baked nutritional bars that have been thought out to the hilt to deliver weight management solutions through Mother Nature's most wonderful Super Fruits, Acai Berry Fruit , Goji Berries and most of all Garcinia Cambogia. These bars are not just about low calories, but are about high fiber and "0" fat, suppression of appetite, and whole body cleansing.

Enjoy slimming down and getting fit without altering your diet and worrying about the sweets you consume. Just have one bar a day and before you know it you'll be down a size or two. They are vegan and made with Gluten free materials so they are safe and good for everyone even diabetics

The most important part of my business is that I am passionate about baking and creating happy healthier friends across the country.

I am looking forward to baking for you and if you have a special occasion that needs a unique treat, such as your exercise group or ladies day out, I'll be most than happy to make up a theme order with creative wrappings.

Enjoy your visit!

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